Rendering in D/S

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  • Basically im pretty happy with D/S ,the latest version is working quite stable and haging in mind its freeware it sure is a great alternative to other apps of that kind which cost a lot.
    Still 2 things i would like to be implemented.
    1) The reflections option we got in Poser e.g. which makes it easy if using
    reflecting floors and mirrors and alike .
    2) Rendering in much higher resolution than 72 dpi.

    Since my images are printed out on canvas or paper at a size of 30x40cm or 60x80 i oftenly am faced the odd problems.
    I know i can resample my pics in Photoshop and Corel ,still i believe the result would be much more satisfying if you basically render in say 600dpi rather than to resample.
    What are your experiences and how do you render your images in higher resolution when creating the scene in D/S?

  • you are in war with the manual (pg 222, 227) :D

    go into the advanced surface tab and play around wit "reflection", 100% works like a mirror, 50% (combined with refraction value around 1.33) should build waterreflections

    2) no way, but no problem:
    1000*1000px @ 300 dots per inch should be the same as 4000*4000px with 72dpi
    in reality workground last setting renders be better then the 1000x1000 300dpi but this effects in using lots of more renderingtime:
    an 10000x7500px renderprocess can be use to make a shorttrip to berlin and vice versa

  • Lol now thats funny, thanks for the info .
    I played around with reflection slider but it brought me kinda nowhere.
    I'll check it out again.
    As for that recalculating of inches and dpi, i've tried that too ,and it took a lot of time and didnt really bring a remarkable difference.
    Maybe i'll try another renderer.