obz and crz Files

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  • Aint sure if any of you might need that once, but if so, it sure was worth that Thread .
    I came across that while converting clothes with Clothes Converter .
    That app uses obj and cr2 files to fit clothes to different figures .
    Poser4 is using obz and crz files instead of obj and cr2.
    So, if you ever have Poser4 files and they seem to not work due to the wrong extension, here is how it goes.
    Just open the crz or obz file with any unzipping app ( winzip or winrar) since obz aint anything else than a compressed obj and crz is the compressed cr2 file .
    Save to your runtime and



  • Hi Derek,

    thank you very much for that reminder, I`m sure it will be useful for at least some of our Poser users, still working in P4.
    I`m gonna do a short translation and post this into the Poser thread. :D


  • Spread the word Bud, no worries hehe .

    Im a wee bit busy with some new Toys atm, Painter IX.5 and Adobe CS2 .
    I was gonna looking for ways to save my wodden Floor and Furniture since my gal has seen Bob Ross and now she is painting like him .
    Well, ok, for now she kinda washes the Brushes like him, goes like : dipping into odorless paint thinner ,and than beating the Devil out of it on the Easel .
    Only thing she didnt see was, he shook off the paint thinner prior to beating the Brush .

    My poor Laminate looks like ,.....


  • Derek : GOLLY! Poor you ( way off for the laminate, became a victim of creativity, huh?)...hope it won`t be disturbed too much.
    Guess Bob Ross would give a big smile to ur gal...

    Btw: Didn`t know Painter to have an upgrade!? Think I`ll turn an eye to Corel`s site, thxs for that info.

    Have a great weekend, bud ( and beware of her beating the devil outa her brush with laquer or so ;D )

    space :D

  • Ah well ,the laminate been relatively safe compared to my " altdeuschen Moebel" which been in heavy danger for a while lol.
    Yep ,Painter IX.5 is out, if you are registered user of IX you can use the update for free.
    Worst of all was ,she didnt only try and clean the 1 and 2 inch Brush but also wanted to trash my Lucas Fanbrushes and the Filberts :-(

    You have a great weekend too Buddie