Freedom Tower and WTC for free

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  • Hi guys

    While trying to downlaod P5 i realized that somehow Contentparadise started to give away Freedom Tower and World Trade Center for free.
    You might wanna check that item out at
    i dont know for how long that set will be available for free.…ings_series_product_21275

    9/11 is just a few days ago but you maybe wanna show your support by using that prop, if so, this is your chance.

    Thanks a lot, god bless


  • Hi Debbie,

    you`ve landed here definitely in the right place :) You are welcome! Please feel free to ask your questions / make some suggestions (if you should have some) right in this thread as here is the part of Bryce Board for our Non-German speaking friends and members...

    You even may find some Bryce goodies at download area which you can´t get somewhere else over the web...

    Happy rendering,
    cheers :)


  • You`re welcome, Debbie :D

    To avoid running into trouble with your first space project in Bryce let me first ask you for the kind of result you`re after. There are actually several ways getting a great space background in B. - each one having pros and cons, depending on what you want to achieve, i.e. : you build a scene containing a planet with atmosphere and, in the foreground, a spaceship on it`s way to this planet. Is the subject of your pic that ship or merely the planet? You might want to give a better lighting to your subject while proceeding , but you started building your scene in a manner that makes it impossible to have a really cool lighting at all when finished...
    Sorry, don`t worry - this was just to illustrate the importance of making oneself familiar with a few basic ways to go round with Bryce before beginning to work on an idea.

    I found learning B. the best way was just trying out all of it`s features, having fun. Now let`s look forward getting in space: ;)

    A good idea may be downloading a (better resolution) pic of a real galaxy for your background from Hubblesite:

    The best galaxy is a real one! And Bryce lets us take images as imported backgrounds, so why hesitate? ;) (Have a look at the Copyright disclaimer, too, most cases you will have permission to use their imagery)

    Start a new document. First you`ll have to delete the ground plane from your working space to get an open sky. Next you might want to have a great starfield, and therefor you`ll go into Skies library, selecting the preset "starfield". (You may even -though not necessarily- go into Sky Lab`s sub menue "sun & moon" to turn off "link sun to view" righthand down, disable sunlight as well and generate therefor a spherical light body from the tools bar above your working window. With correct settings this will make a real great sun with much better scaleable values than the standard Bryce sun. But this is an other challenge, for the beginning the simple choice of starfield will do...)

    Now chose the primitive "2d Face vertical" just right below the "Leonardo Man" in the tools bar on top of the working space. ( Picture 1 - 1 ) Scale it according loose to the proportion of your downloaded sample picture ( We assume it to be more a rectangle than a square) to avoid distortion. (Picture 1 - 2 )
    Next click on the "Leonardo Man" in the top toolbar and the pictures editor will pop up ( Picture 2 - you can ignore steps 3-5 in material lab like shown there on top, as this is just a second way to enter the pictures editor...)
    Continue with step 6 by clicking into the first free tile righthand "Leo" - and a select box will open to let you chose your galaxy pic. Submit by clicking the hook icon righthand down ( Picture 2 - 7 ) and you are back in workspace.
    In most cases the background of your sample photo won`t match the light and colour values of your rendered background, so you might want to have the background around that imported galaxy pic on the 2D face transparent, to have starfield and galaxy as the only visible elements in your scene so far.
    This is really not so difficult to do: while keeping the 2D face with the "pasted" picture selected ( wireframe is red ) click on the small letter "M" in the little toolbar (just visible with selected object within the working window) to enter Materials Lab. ( Picture 3 ).
    Continue with step ( 8 ) and select / deselect like shown. "Receive shadows" should be turned off to avoid the galaxy taking a shadow from a by-passing spaceship or so... (Wouldn`t look so nifty, huh? ;-))
    Again submit by clicking the small hook icon righthand down here and voila:

    the result should look similar to the example in ( picture 4 )

    throw some space stuff as imported objects into the scene and there you go! (Or build something cool by using the Bryce primitives and terrains...) More stuff for more try-outs...

    Hope you`ll enjoy and have fun, rendering :)

    (btw.: "hun"?? hmmm :P:hat2 )


    Edit: For further questions I suggest opening a new thread with a subject in this English Forum of BB - just to keep a clear structure, as Derek opened this one a time ago for his own subject... thxs :D